What motivated you to make this app?

Emojis are so powerful - adding emotion to our communication and bringing our texts and social to life. People primarily use them in making sentences, but the vocabulary based on current standards is limited.

Mojemo solves this problem through AutoEmoji™ by transforming words as you type. An incredible library of several thousand original emojis gives you the power of choice. Some people like big stickers that move and with super high resolution, and others like inline emojis as you type emojis, so we gave people both.

What was the biggest challenge when creating it?

The artwork itself is an immense undertaking. Lesser endeavors have nearly cracked just trying to create 1,000 solid pieces of artwork to approximate current unicode standards. As we 4x’d this with ultra high-definition artwork, we were suddently managing 50,000 images in a system that artfully synchronizes with little phones and a large number of people.

Hunting and pecking through categories isn’t the best way to emoji. Solving these problems for people is a big and ongoing challenge. Plus, we’re just getting started and plan to continue to multiply the power of choice people have with emojis.

What is the profile of your target user?

9 out of 10 people use emojis on their phone. Our early audience is people who love emojis so much, that the thought of having four times the current standard makes them want to jump out the window and fly like a bird. Everyone on this planet communicates better and has more fun with emojis.

What is your favorite emoji?

That's like asking who your favorite kid is. You might actually have one, but when you answer this question you love them all the same. County the Vampire. No, Daphne the Help Desk Girl.

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